Tarot Card - Queen of Swords Tarot Hanged Man Tarot Death Tarot Rider
I'm making a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Real Time Strategy Game in 30 Days.

Welcome, Brave Warrior!

The cards have been dealt, and you have drawn the hanged man.

A sorceror, thirsty for more power, has opened the forbidden gates.

From every corner of the world, from every religion, from every time and span, great warriors are being ripped.

But why?

Is this the end of days?

Will you bring justice? Will you be the destroyer of worlds? Will you meet the Gods and find everlasting peace? Will you even survive?

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Example Battle
This screenshot doesn't do it justice. Play it now!

Welcome to my latest computer game, OMGMMORPGRTS! It's a free-to-play (FTP) online real-time stratigic fighting game for Windows made entirely by me in the month of September, 2011. (It's not completely released yet, but will be in a few short days.)

The Rules are simple, the gameplay is fast, and the graphics are... well... indie.

Download and Play the latest build, and make sure to send me feedback!

Contact me: bushmango@gmail.com