Tarot Card - Queen of Swords Tarot Hanged Man Tarot Death Tarot Rider
I'm making a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Real Time Strategy Game in 30 Days.


Oh My God Massively* Multiplayer Online Role-Playing** Game*** Real-Time Strategy Game***

* For some value of massively. Currently the server supports ~200 players
** I wasn't able to get levelling up in this version. However, you can still role-play. Lick the Dragon, feel the dragon, BE THE DRAGON.
*** Yes, I realize that the acronym repeats the word 'Game', but I already bought this domain, so deal with it.

All artwork, coding, sound (if I make any), this website, etc. was made by me in the Month of September, 2011, in conjunction with these two contests:
Super Friendship Club Mysticism Pagent! Sept. 2011
ExperimentalGameplay.com Story Game Contest! Sept. 2011

Special thanks to my son, Brenden (age 5), for doing exensive play testing and for encouraging me to add more unit types.
Also, special thanks to my g/f Jaci for enduring it and also for play-testing. The vampire was mostly her idea.

The Tarot card images used were found from this website:
http://freeware.esoterica.free.fr/html/freecards.html#ta — The 1910 Deck
They are in the public domain, and edited by me.