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I'm making a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Real Time Strategy Game in 30 Days.


First, you need to install the game and create an account.

  1. Download, Install, and Run OMGMMORPGRTS
  2. Then, click on the "Create a New Account" button, enter your new account info, and click on the "Create" button.

Now, you need to join a game.

  1. Select a Campaign -- there's three types: Single player, 2 Player Co-op, and 2 Player Versus.
    I recommend the Tutorial campaign first.
  2. Then, select the Scenario you'd like to play
  3. Finally, select a Game Instance. There's always nine -- pick one that isn't full. If they are all full (yeay that means my game is popular), wait, or pick a different Campaign / Scenario.

If you chose 2-Player Versus... pick your troops!

  1. Wait for another player to join your game. This is a good time to contact a friend and have them join a game too.
  2. You have about 20 seconds and a set number of points.
  3. Click on the unit you'd like to buy, and click where you'd like to place it on the map. You can only place in the blue areas.
  4. When time expires, the battle will begin!
  5. For an extra challenge, don't use all of your points! ;)

Time to Fight!

  1. Mouse over a unit -- the blue is where it can move, and the red is where it can attack.
  2. Click on a unit to select it.
  3. Click on a blue square to move there.
  4. Or click on a red square (if an enemy is present) to attack!
  5. Now that unit is not usable for a few seconds (depending on the unit). It will be greyed out.
  6. Select another unit.
  7. Repeat until everything is dead ;)

One last step -- Tell your friends and Contact Me! :)

Also, check out the Units page for more info.