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I'm making a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Real Time Strategy Game in 30 Days.


Here are some of the unit's you will see in-game. There's a few more than this though, so find them all!
  • Soldier Soldier - A basic unit with average speed, attack, and defense.
  • Archer Archer - A ranged unit. Can't attack nearby units. Fairly weak.
  • King King - Useless, but his crown is shiny.
  • Wizard Wizard - A long-ranged unit. A glass cannon -- powerful but fragile.
  • Skeleton Skeleton - Easy to kill. Dangerous in large groups.
  • Dragon Dragon - Quick, tough, medium range.
  • Golem Golem - Super-tough. Slow, but packs a punch in a fight.
  • Velociraptor (Mutated) Velociraptor (Mutated) - Super-fast, effective in groups.